What is behavior change in the practice setting?

Behavior change by practitioners means integrating personal education and experience with predictive analytics and successful behaviors from other providers to optimize a process or decision to a specific patient.   

Traditional decisions are based on a practitioner mentally collating their intuition and past experience to make the best decision possible. While this method can be effective, it is limited by the brain’s ability to collate and integrate enormous amounts of information from other sources. When trying to identify a best practice personalized to a particular patient, the process is even more difficult and tenuous.  

In this age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and precision medicine, more and more services exploit information from millions of sources and are no longer constrained to a single person. Advanced technology is required, not just to collate all of this information, but do it fast within tight time constraints.

When best practices are easily available to a user in real time, it reduces the burden of the user adopting a new best practice. This is where the intersection of technology and human behavior can transform a clinical practice. 

Modes of delivering the right information at precisely the right time so providers can immediately process and execute decisions with this high quality information are critical for behavior change. The end result is a provider who is harmoniously integrated into a new system, constantly weighing multiple sources of information without effort. When a user can practice with the best tools at their disposal, they are likely to make decisions that can lead to the best outcomes.

Amptimum offers help for allied health providers to improve their clinical and administrative outcomes and grow their business. Through the collection of valuable data, the presentation of actionable reports, predictive analytics, and practice management support services, Amptimum transforms administrative and clinical practice into a standardized system that allows the provider to seamlessly make the optimal decisions to maximize outcomes as they move through their day.