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Services offered at Amptimum

We offer a different approach. 

Our services cater to practices, practitioners, and owners seeking control over their processes, business structures, documentation, patient management, and practitioner development. We help bridge the gap between your current operations and your ideal practice, guiding you through the transition to your desired state. Furthermore, we assist in establishing a quality improvement system to continually enhance these processes on a standardized schedule.

Our services are modular, allowing you to choose the specific support you need. Alternatively, we can implement them systematically as part of a cohesive action plan. Additionally, we provide custom software development seamlessly integrated with advanced analytics, offering tailored solutions to address your specific challenges.


Clinical Processes and Business Structure

If you cannot point to standard operating procedure that allows for your team to practice at a consistent level while being flexible to account for new problems, this is the place to start.

At Amptimum, we specialize in optimizing clinical processes and enhancing business structures for practices ranging from single practitioners to multi-practitioner setups. While you may possess an in-depth understanding of your practice’s operations, ensuring that your entire team shares this insight can be a challenge. Additionally, in multi-practitioner environments, each individual may bring a unique approach, which can sometimes create friction and impede learning and improvement. Practitioners want support in their clinical practice, not handcuffs. 

If you are struggling with multiple practitioners and a conflict in your treatment philosophy, you may benefit from developing a peer group, learning meeting.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current clinical processes. We delve into the intricacies of your operations, identifying areas of inefficiency, redundancies, role clarity, accountability gaps, and deliverable inconsistencies. We harmonize your practice’s operations by standardizing essential processes while preserving space for individual practitioner preferences. By gaining a thorough understanding of your existing workflows, we lay the groundwork for improvements driven by your team learning.

We facilitate the development of a structured update rhythm, enabling continuous refinement and enhancement of your clinical processes.

You can streamline operations, foster a culture of innovation, and ensure sustained progress towards excellence in patient care and practice management.

Documentation and Provider Data Collection

We recognize that documentation can often be perceived as burdensome by healthcare providers. 

It is actually the number one complaint we receive when interviewing clinicians.

However, the data contained within documentation is invaluable for your practice’s success and sets you apart from other providers. Traditionally, documentation has been geared towards reimbursement, inevitably adding to the perceived burden because this does not align with the clinician’s need – documentation that makes the clinical experience better.

Our approach shifts the focus towards creating documentation that not only meets these requirements but also enhances the quality of care provided.

We aim to develop documentation systems that facilitate better results during sessions, aid in decision-making for the plan of care, enable reflection on individual cases or trends, and improve overall team performance and strategies. By prioritizing the utility of documentation beyond compliance, we ultimately reduce the burden associated with documentation while maximizing its benefits.

Patient Management and Monitoring

Each clinical system has different requirements for keeping track of patients.

If you do not keep your patients managed and monitored, there are three major issues. Firstly, practitioners experience a constant open loop, as their schedules fail to reflect who needs to be seen for appointments, leading to frustration and schedules that are too full, empty, or inconsistent. Secondly, there is a risk of unmanaged drop-offs, where patients fail to continue their care due to inadequate follow-up or scheduling, wasting resources and allowing for poor results. Thirdly, poor management systems lead to a significant loss of revenue as patients in need of ongoing care may not return for follow-up appointments.

Our patient management and monitoring consulting utilizes your clinical process and documentation to find points of failure. We help to develop simple metrics for the provider that drive action and minimize the mental drag of open loops while while providing support tools for your administrators to schedule, capture drop offs,  prioritize the clinicians optimal schedule, and close out cases in a timely manner.

Program Evaluation

Do you know how well your practice and operations are performing? Can you quantify the number of individuals experiencing improvement? Are you able to demonstrate consistent enhancements in your operations over time?

A program evaluation offers a systematic approach to assess your current system. It allows you to measure changes in operations and their impact on patient outcomes. By implementing and evaluating operational changes, you can gauge their effectiveness. You can identify areas of success or areas you want to target for improvement efforts.

Many claims of expertise lack substantial evidence beyond credentials or online reviews. However, if you’re providing innovative care, a program evaluation offers a data-driven method to showcase your differentiation in the market or gain buy-in from your team.

At Amptimum, we begin by understanding what aspects of your practice you want evaluated, whether it’s patient management, clinical consistency, or the efficacy of specific treatment approaches. Working collaboratively with you, we extract existing data and evaluate your current program.

Furthermore, we can assist in developing this evaluation into a white paper, peer-reviewed articles for publication, or conference presentations. Each program evaluation is unique, and we provide a free estimate of the scope of work and expected hours required to complete it.

Not sure what you need or if we can help?

If our standardized services above don’t align perfectly with your needs, we’re here to tailor our assistance to suit you. Whether you’re a practitioner, director of care, owner, or stakeholder in a medical business, we’re eager to lend our support.

At Amptimum, we firmly believe that the future of healthcare hinges on innovations driven by practicing clinicians operating at their best. Our goal is to empower you to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

We’re committed to providing personalized support that meets your unique requirements.

Let us help you navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.