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We offer tailored consulting services focused on improving both clinical and business processes, complemented by customized software solutions. Our goal is to support practitioners, practices, and owners in understanding their current operations, enhancing performance through standardized and repeatable quality improvement systems, expanding their community impact, and publishing their outcomes.



Common Pain Points:

The most effective path to improvement lies in understanding your current processes, optimizing them for efficiency, and actively learning from the outcomes. Surprisingly, this crucial process is often overlooked in traditional education and training.

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Optimize clinical processes and refine business structures, ensuring consistency alongside flexibility to tackle new challenges.

Develop documentation systems that facilitate better results during sessions, aid in decision-making for the plan of care, enable reflection on individual cases or trends, and improve overall team performance and strategies.

Utilize your clinical processes and documentation to identify areas of improvement, developing straightforward metrics for providers to drive action and minimize operational inefficiencies, while also offering support tools for administrators to optimize scheduling, capture drop-offs, and ensure timely case closure

Assess your practice's performance and effectiveness involves systematically measuring changes in operations over time, demonstrating impact on patient outcomes, and validating claims of expertise through data-driven analysis, which can also help showcase differentiation in the market or gain buy-in from your team.

We specialize in empowering practices, practitioners, and owners to take control of their operations, bridging the gap between their current state and their ideal practice through tailored support. 

Our services help you establish clear and repeatable processes, introduce quality improvement systems, and develop custom software integrated with advanced analytics to address specific challenges.

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Step #1. Reach out to us with your current problem.

Step #2. Determine what is the best option for moving forward between Clinical Processes, Patient Management, Documentation and Data collection, Program Evaluation, or customized consulting service.

Step #3. Start to improve your practice and business.​

If you are not sure what service is best for you, let us know.  We can provide a free analysis of your current practice and help determine a starting point.

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Craig Smith

Chief Clinical Specialist​

Ryan Seltzer

Chief Data Scientist

We have successfully applied our process along with custom software solutions to a variety of clinics and practitioners. We want you to enjoy your work and get better at it. We will improve your process and outcomes while reducing your work burden.